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There are many types of lawsuits for various issues encountered for personal or business reasons.

Some of the typical types of lawsuits we can assist you with are:

If you have legal contractual disagreement or breach of a contract, you may have a contract action and associated remedy. Any type of legal controversy as it pertains to business is called Commercial litigation.

Examples of commercial litigation that we can represent you include:

  •     Breaches of contract
  •     Business dissolution
  •     Interference with business relationships
  •     Disputes over non-compete clauses
  •     Breach of fiduciary duty
  •     Franchise issues
  •     Shareholder issues
  •     Partnership disputes
  •     Debt collection

Unfortunately, in business there are times when you are presented with legal controversy or conflict. Whether it pertains to aspects of contracts or related agreements, we can help you handle the issue and also proactively prevent and protect against these types of business related issues in the future.

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