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Florida International Notary

The Florida Civil Law Notary appointment is a program for Florida Attorneys in good standing with the Florida Bar and have practiced for  a minimum of 5 years.   Civil Law Notaries are required to pass a State-administered exam. The Florida Civil Law Notary program is a program for Florida Attorneys who practice international law and who have a need to authenticate an act or attest to the validity of a document. As a Board Certified Real Estate  Attorney who practices International Law, being a Civil Law Notary can be an asset to his clients and firm.

Regular notary public acts may also be performed with this type of appointment.  This type of  notary is referred to as a  Florida International Notary.  Gary M. Singer is an officer appointed by the Department of State of Florida.   Florida civil-law notaries have extended and different authority than a public notary.   If you have questions about the qualifications and duties of a Civil Notary please contact our office for more information.

Gary M. Singer is a member of the  NACLN  National Association of Civil Law Notaries



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