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Creditor & Debtor

In tough economic times, people can be faced with overwhelming bills and credit card debt. Failure to pay your credit card debt can ultimately lead to a Credit Card Judgement.

In  Florida, you can be sued for credit card debt. If the suit goes ignored or is won by the creditor, they can secure a judgement as a means to collect the debt. If you have a credit card judgement, you need to determine your legal rights.

Under the Florida Fair Debt Collection Practices Act you don’t have to tolerate harassment or humiliation from debt collectors. Under Federal and State law protections exist to protect you. Florida Statute. §§559.55 to 559.785 protects debtors from certain creditor practices.

There is a list of prohibited practices at §559.72.  A debt collector cannot simulate legal process, make unlawful threats, misrepresentations, harassment, certain publications, unreasonable employer or third party communication, and cannot communicate with a consumer known to be represented by counsel.

If you are being harassed or a creditor has engaged in illegal practices under Florida law, you may be able to take action.

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