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Contracts are agreements. These agreements can exist between people or businesses. Contracts are usually based on an exchange of money, services, promises, or products and agreement. For a contract to exist, an offer and acceptance has to occur.

 In personal and business/corporate situations an agreement does not always constitute a legally binding contract.  There are many variables that will impact the legality or validity of a contract, even in the process of an agreement. A legally enforceable contract can be verbal or written.  In the state of

Florida, certain contracts have to be in writing.  Due to the many complicated aspects of contracts, disputes can and do arise for parties. When these disputes cannot be amicably resolved they can result in litgation or commonly referred to as a “lawsuit.”
Our team understand the complexities of contract law as it applies to many different scenarios and also the applicability and legality of Florida contract law.  In some cases, a contract may foresee the potential for dispute and may have terms on how the dispute is handled and how related costs are paid and by whom. In some contracts, mediation is mandated in the dispute resolution process.

The complexity of contract law requires that a person or business understand their obligations under the contract but also the consequence for breaching it. Our team of lawyers will work with our clients to draft contracts that will protect their rights. A proactive approach to entering into a contract can save a lot of money by a simple visit to a knowledgable lawyer who can provide advise on your rights and the terms of the proposed contract. Should you have a situation where you have a contractual dispute, it is important to find a qualified legal professional to explain your rights and obligations.

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